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 More random quizes

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Warrant Officer 2
Warrant Officer 2

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PostSubject: More random quizes   Thu Sep 04, 2008 10:27 am

Sianed now. More quiz for everyone? XDXD

First, name ten boys.
M9:Nicholas Look
M10:(yay, finally)YuXuan

Now, name ten girls.
F1. Michelle
F2. Hui Yi
F3. Kelly
F4. Sheen-In
F5. Vivian
F6. Melina
F7. Melissa
F8. Lai May
F9. Hilary
F10. Theresa


1.What if M8 got first in class? (Lance)
I wouldn't be surprised. With clam and mature minds like his, no doubt that would or might happen.

2.If F1 suddenly joined your CCA how would you react? (Michelle)
Well. I am in BB!! XDXD Michelle can't join BB. She is a girl, or is she?

3.What if M3 suddenly grew shorter/taller than you? [XianZhi]
He's already taller than me, for Pete's sake. I am the shortest in class. (DON"T BUG ME!)

4.If F10, out of nowhere, treated you to a meal, what would you think her secret motive is?(Theresa)
Well, I dunno. Force me to join St. John's? Use that time to brag about how evil their seniors is? I dunno...

5. If M6 falls in love with the ugliest person in class, what would you do?(KaiXiang)
I dunno. He is a freaky fellow. I don't understand him. Sometime, he says he is a guy, the next moment, he says he is a gay. zzz

6.What if M1 was a vampire? [JunYang]
I dunno... Suck my blood? I am scared?

7.Is M10 a gay? [YuXuan]
Dunno. I dunno him very well. He somtimes scares me. HAHA

8.What if M7 raped F4? [Jeremy rape Sheen-In]
OMG! That will never happen. I believe Jeremy have strong moral values... But if he did. I would be disgusted.

9.Is F2 a lesbian? [Hui Yi]
How would I know? Maybe with Michelle. Sorry Mich.

10.If M9 reveals to you that he is a world-renowned superhero, what will you do?[Nicholas]
I will faint or laugh? I know him for very long and I don't think he is a superhero...

11.If F8 announced that she was migrating, you would... [LaiMay]
Sad? One less person to suan and disturb?

12.What if you never met M3?[XianZhi]
One less friend? Louis would be very extremely lonely if he didn't met XianZhi. He depends on XianZhi and cannot live without him.

13.What if you never met F6?
Impossible. She is my sister. Next question.

14.What if M4 contracted a disease and would die in two months?[Louis]
I would be... erms.... Happy? NO MORE STRANGLING!!!

15.If M1 was of the opposite gender instead...... [JunYang]
Erms... Well. I dunno. ZZZ Rest assured. JunYang WOULD NEVER be a girl!!

What will happen if the following dated:

16.M5 and F4.[KaiHo and Sheen-In]
HAHA!! Sheen-In is TOOO tall for him!! HAHA!!

17.M2 and F9 [WaiMeng and Hilary]
Maybe. WaiMeng LOVES Hilary but Hilary has someone else...XDXD

18.M10 and F7 [YuXuan and Melissa]
Dunno. Melissa must tiptoe to kiss. XDXD
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Lieutenant General
Lieutenant General

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PostSubject: Re: More random quizes   Thu Sep 04, 2008 10:44 am

wah so despo ar
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PostSubject: Re: More random quizes   Thu Sep 11, 2008 9:54 pm

oi y drag me into dis???
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PostSubject: Re: More random quizes   

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More random quizes
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