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PostSubject: GUIDE FOR REBIRTH   GUIDE FOR REBIRTH Icon_minitimeFri Jul 25, 2008 3:30 pm

The NPC for rebirth is Mr Pick-All in kerning city, on the right of the Subway. Surprised

Why rebirth?
Twisted Evil -Rebirthing gives you more variety of skills to combine, eg. Using Shadow partner of Hermit with Hurricane on Bowmaster to shoot faster.
-Your stat points STACK, meaning that when you rebirth, you keep all your stats. Eg, You can have 5,000 luk, 10,000str, 4,000int, 8,000 dex all at the same time, Please take note that the max is 30,000 per stat ^^ and max HP and MP is 30,000
-Being one job is boring, so you can change jobs. And when you change jobs, keep the skills ^^ Keep rebirthing, and find the best skills to combine

What are the criterias for rebirth?

-Lvl 200 (200 only, not 199,198,etc....)
Sad -Equip collumn in your inventory must have enough empty space to store ur EQs that u are wearing at lvl 200. Since you are going to be rebirth back to lvl 1, u can't possibly be still wearing ur EQs rite? If u fail to do so, such as ur eq slots have not enough space for ur EQs that u r wearing at lvl 200, u will be promoted to lvl 201 and can't rebirth anymore~!)

Some Tips Before lvling to Lvl 200.

-When your lvl range from Lvl 17x~19x, during the 90% if you are fighting a boss monster(Zakum), do not carry on the fight!! Negative EXP is caused because your EXP goes passed 2.1billion in one level, if thsi happens, negative exp. Because at level 190's you are close to 2billion exp to level, it is quite common that you may go past 2.1bil, since each zakum arm gives around 500million exp. As you may get negative exp. If you get negative exp(your HP, MP & Exp bar turns grey), go to this webside and type in your ign. Make sure you logout 1st.

What Happens when you rebirth?

-You would become a lvl 1 beginner again.
-Your stats will not be resetted.
-In order to keep your previous job skills, before you rebirth, put those skills that you would like to keep and place them onto your key configuration.(Drag from the skill inventory and place them into your "Keys")
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