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 Server will be up

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Server will be up Empty
PostSubject: Server will be up   Server will be up Icon_minitimeSat Aug 30, 2008 3:33 pm

Server will be up today from 3 or 4 pm onwards, provided that there are no errors in the fix.

once server is up, i will put up 2x exp (which is 1400x exp) and the 2x mesos drop will be extended till tomorrow. Ur 2x exp card will be used by the exp rate, making it 4x exp.

On top of that, to thank u guys for waiting, I will give out free 20 levels to each player who is online later at 5pm. Pls megaphone for me and i will warp to u. but, u will onli get 5 AP, cos when GMs level u, it is equal to 1 level up. U can choose 20 levels or 2 red bubbles.

If you are level 14o, i will level u to 160.

If you are 190, i can onli level u to 200, to get ur rebirth.

Enjoy SinkoMS. Thanks for waiting!


Server will be up Coolo
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Server will be up
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