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 More Updates, updated

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PostSubject: More Updates, updated   Fri Aug 08, 2008 11:45 pm

1) Duey The delivery guy maxes all skills. He is located in Lith Harbor, Henesys, Kerning City, Perion, Ellinia, Orbis, Ludi, Leafre, and Aqua.

2)You get NX items from Mia in Henesys.

3) Press TRADE(the button beside cash shop) to access FM.

4) Fredrick in FM NOW sells SUPER MEGAPHONES, HEART STOPPER,YELLOW CIDER,crack in the dimension ( for summoning papulatus clock),vip tele rocks,summoning and magic rocks,and some buff tems like onyx apples (and gachapon tickets now)

5) Amos The Strong in Free Market is Boss Warper- warps you to bosses.

6) Items not sold in shops are sold by GMs. Post a message in the market section or megaphone GMs in-game
to buy the items.

7) Mr. Pickall in kerning rebirths u at lv 200.

8 ) Dun get over 2.147billion mesos. You'll get negative mesos or crash the server. GMs wont help you.

9) Spielgman from kerning sells all 10%,30%,60%,70% scrolls. No GM SCROLLS! u CAN BUY GM SCROLLS FROM [GM]Hurr for 15billion mesos. IT ALL BOILS DOWN TO Hurr's mood that day.

10) Hair color and style, facial and skin color shops ARE WORKING! Buy the coupons from the NPC in the shops for 1 million mesos each.

11) JM from the streets in kerning sells all stars and arrows.

12) In-Game Cash Shop now OPEN! You can buy 10K NX for 100mil from me. *

13) Gachapon tickets can now be bought from fredrick or in the ingame cash shop.

14) My.Moneybags (cai shen) in henesys sells chairs

15) Pets are up, pet armor works, meso magnet, item pouch, wing boots, binoculars work, only these 4 work, please do not buy other pet use like magical scales, auto hp, mp,etc , it may bug your account. Heal disabled *NEW*

16) Pvp up in OX Quiz room, accessed via Nana(L) in ludibrium *NEW* *Updated*

17) Doofus in henesys park sells all pets, pet food, and pet eq. *NEW*

18 ) New non-gm player commands, use @commands to see what they are.

19) Currency for buying stuff from GM will be white scroll, which will be sold by Spinel. *NEW*

20) Fame seller is coco in henesys.

21) Nana in the four beginner towns ( henesys,perion,kerning and ellinia) sells all armors and weapons for the jobs respectively *Updated*

22) Mini Beta Wedding in amoria, requires you to buy a premium CATHEDRAL coupon (29k one) then talk to assistant debbie outside the cathedral to warp in, talk to assistant Nancy to get your set of items, then talk to high priest John to enter the wedding altar. *NEW*

23) Wonky the Fairy in Orbis PQ area sells most if not all buffs *NEW*

24) Wisp in entrance to eos tower sells all mount, saddles and ice cream bars. *NEW*

25) Spinel now teleports you to towns, monster maps, boss maps, and sells some nice stuff ^^ *NEW*

26) Thomas Swift in henesys and amoria sells all effects.

27) Patricia pet merchant in ludibrium sells all pet command book *NEW*

28 ) Sera in the 1st map gives you starter package.

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First Lieutenant
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PostSubject: Re: More Updates, updated   Fri Aug 08, 2008 11:52 pm

please appreciate all the effort Sinko has put in for the server.

Enjoy SnkoMS.

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PostSubject: Re: More Updates, updated   Sat Aug 09, 2008 1:20 pm

Good Job Sinko Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: More Updates, updated   

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More Updates, updated
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